Consultant Eating Disorder Dietitian | London

How we can help

It is about finding the right answers for you or your child, to provide the solid foundation need for healthy lifelong eating patterns. Everyone is unique, knows their body, lifestyle and what is going to work for them. Respecting this is crucial when considering changes to your diet.

Restoring nutritional balance is much like climbing a mountain. It is hard work, and at times you may feel lost, or like you can’t take another step. Together we can show you how to take your next healthy step.

Choosing the right person to seek nutritional advice from can be confusing. Many people claim to be experts in nutrition yet have very limited knowledge and offer no protection to the public. Dietitians are very often referred to as the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to nutrition professionals. Read – Why choose a dietitian.

Together we will work towards you making successful and sustainable changes with
– Evidenced based nutrition plans
– Personalised recommendations
– Ethical and safe approaches to health goals

I work with children/adolescents/adults, their treatment team and family and / or support network to help improve acceptance and flexibility with food, leading to physical and psychological benefits – one baby step at a time!

I also have a team of health professionals that I can refer you or your child to if necessary – including a consultant psychiatrist and therapists (CBT/systemic).